ESCC and the City of Edmonton present

The Edmonton Seniors Declaration represents Edmonton City Council’s commitment towards seniors. It speaks to how seniors are valued, recognizes the contributions seniors provide and outlines how the City of Edmonton will work towards making Edmonton more “age friendly”. This declaration is integral to Council’s vision of enhancing liveability and being one of the best cities in Canada to live regardless of age.

For a pdf copy of the declaration, go here.
For a pdf copy of the declaration brochure, go here.

Edmonton Seniors Declaration

Individuals are respected regardless of age. All generations have much to teach and learn from each other.

People of all ages are safe in their homes and neighbourhoods. Safety has physical, environmental, financial and health aspects.

The city’s transportation systems, urban design and physical infrastructure allow all people to participate in full lives. No one is barred by mobility or resources from involvement in city life.

Older people have ready access to programs, employment, activities and services that help them stay engaged, respected and appreciated.

City Council declares that it will work towards making Edmonton age-friendly as part of our vision for an integrated, sustainable, liveable city. To do so, we will use the best knowledge available from international, national and local research. We will ensure our decision-making and policies embrace this perspective. We will encourage other organizations, individuals, businesses and institutions to adopt this declaration. And we will work with other orders of government to increase commitment and co-ordination on seniors’ issues.

Age is a gift to the city. We will value all the individuals who bring it to us.