Fraud prevention

 Click on the links below to open items containing tips and other information that will help you to take steps to avoid and prevent fraud.

Info contained in this section

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Webpage enables you to click for information on a wide range of fraud schemes
Canadian Consumer Information Gateway
Advice and tips on avoiding identity theft
ABCs of Fraud
Test your knowledge through several online fraud quizzes
Industry Canada
Test your knowledge through a different kind of online fraud quiz
Department of Justice Canada
Links to elder abuse information on four types of fraud
Financial Consumer Agency of Canada
Tips on preventing fraud and what to do if you suspect you are a victim of fraud
Government of Canada’s Consumer Measures Committee
Consumer defence mechanisms to make yourself fraud proof
PhoneBusters: The Canadian Anti-Fraud Call Centre
Links to updated information on fraud schemes and scams
CBC News Marketplace
Tips for recognizing phone scammer fraud
U.S. National Consumers League’s National Fraud Information Center
Links to information on numerous telemarketing fraud schemes
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Fraud - computers
Fraud - identity theft
Fraud - mass market schemes
Fraud - credit card